Sometimes we shut down, turn off our emotions. It might be our way to make it through. Our way to stay sane and keep some parts of ourselves safe.

Almost everybody do it, but some of us have felt the need to tune out for long periods, months or even years.

For me, it became years. The chaos around and within me was to complex to cope with. Without really noticing I pushed my feelings down and away and emotion after emotion was shut off.

And then the day came when I felt safe and secure enough to want to smile and I noticed that I lost the ability to freely feel.

The Book of emotions

My wish is to create a book on emotions and feelings.

A guide to everybody or anybody who have shut down or lost their own system of navigation.

It would give me, personally,  a greater knowledge and support for my journey and I hope it can be of help to others.

If you have questions about the why’s or how’s or anything else – you are welcome to book a chat with me. Jump over to my scheduler and choose the day and time that suits you: Book a chat with me.

The invitation

Each month during 2017 I will be opening the door to explore one emotion, I will do it with my craft – graphic art and book design. But a books is nothing without words and I am not a writer.

My invitation goes out to all heart leaders, highly sensitives, empaths and survivors that feel called to write and contribute with their perspective on a feeling and emotion.

With the help of you a small encyclopedia on emotions for anybody and everybody who needs guidance will be released by the end of the year.


Every month will be focused around one feeling and create one chapter in the upcoming e-book. By the end of every month I will release a digital sneak peak of each chapter – free for everyone to share with the world.

The Book of Emotions can only come to life with the contribution from called writers. I will also invite some of the amazing women I know to write on other aspect of emotions, feelings and closely related topics.

By the end of 2017 the Book of Emotions will be released as an e-book. And who knows – if the a demand comes alive a printed version will be published..

The details

Each chapter will be open for five to six writers.

Length: 1.500 words maximum
Anything between 200 and 1.500 word – please do not send anything longer or shorter.
Exception: A one page poem can be shorter than 200 words.

I will not proof read or edit your story and I can’t support you during your writing process. Make sure you have the support you need before you write your story and only submit ready to publish material.

More on the fine details and copyright below.

This is not

There is a lot of amazing books on life journeys, healing from trauma and surviving. Being a highly sensitive person and empath I get deeply engaged and sometimes lost in others stories.

I would love the Book of Emotions to work as guide back to me. So it’s not about how & why we loose our feelings, it’s a way to make it easier for me, and hopefully others, to relearn, re-connect and recognize our feelings.


About Anna

I’m passionate about learning and I’m curious. I truly believe everybody is unique, has a story to tell and gifts to give.

Life has shown me both it’s dark and light sides and I’ve lived with addiction, co-depenency, emotional and verbal abuse. I’ve also experienced healing, the wonders of yoga, the magic in nature and the support of deep feeling conscious heart leading women.

Nothing makes me happier than a sunny day, a great song and laughing out loud. I love colorful people, places and things, deep and spiritual conversations and time to let them flow uninterruptedly. Quiet time and friends who truly get me are also important to me.

The fine details and copyright


I ask for first serial rights on any story published. This means that your story should not have appeared anywhere else, either in print or online. When I publish the chapter with your story you will be free to share that chapter digitally.

When the full book is published I ask for a brief period of exclusivity, six months, and the right to keep the story in print. I don’t ask for website rights, or place any limits on what you can do with your story after the exclusivity period.


I will not pay you for your contribution. I will neither make any money on this project and book. If any revenue is made it will be donated to an organization whose mission is to support and inspire girls and young females to visualize a bright future, personal growth, discovery and development.