The Book of Emotion | Chapter Three


The third chapter of The Book of Emotions is ready and I’m thrilled to present Support from the perspective of five inspiring writers.

Also featuring – Lysa Black  on The Language of Emotion.

Feel free to share this chapter of the book and the story behind it. I also love if you spread the word about my project and the possibility to be part of it in your communities.


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The Authors

Patricia L. AtchisonPATRICIA L. ATCHISON shares a love of writing, dancing Nia (Holistic Fitness), and making doll and teddy bear creations. Her children’s books, Little Blue Penguin and McKenzie’s Frosty Surprise have delighted many youngsters. She blogs and thinks of new books to write while living passionately. Website:

Tracy StamperTRACY STAMPER is a dancer at heart, in mind, of body, and with words. Her writing has been featured in Rebelle Society and Elephant Journal. Her current favorite colors are purple, orange and glitter. She likes her chocolate dark, her inspiration flowing and her car dances to be uninhibited. Website:

Amy Barfield MartinAMY BARFIELD MARTIN is a dream seeker and truth creator, residing in the St. Louis area. She inspires others to live life on their terms through honoring and listening to the voice of body sensation, along with allowing the uncensored flow of one’s true desires. Let’s illuminate your heart’s magic. Website:

Bretton KeatingBRETTON KEATING is a yoga instructor for adults and children, barre instructor, Reiki healer, writer, and artist. For her heart-centered writings, please visit her blog ( For creative work, including poetry and your fairy tale within, here is her website (

Kristina Johnson KRISTINA JOHNSON is a lover of all things that inspire creativity and invite happiness. In addition to teaching Vinyasa Yoga and whirling her cares away on the dance floor, she makes time to travel the world, create art, do cartwheels in the grass and make play and laughter a priority.

Lysa BlackLYSA BLACK is a Heart Healer who uses her gifts to help you return to the magic of your own heart. The more we can trust ourselves the more we can trust our gifts: the gut knowing, inner wisdom or intuitive guidance we all receive. Website: