Range of emotions


The Twelfth Emotion


We all know the courageous moves that create super heroines but for me courage lives in the seemingly small, but yet enormous, everyday actions of being human. Being vulnerable. Keeping an open heart. Faith. Hope. Standing up for others and standing by yourself – truthfully.

Courage is heart, soul and honesty without resentment for me. What is courage for you?

Three writers shares courageously.

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The Eleventh Emotion


“Let it go”, “release it”, “move on” – words often said when somebody has lost someone, or something. Not to often are we encouraged to mourn first. This year have circled around grief for me. The loss of my father, the change rising from his death, habits and patterns that needed to go because of it. And allowing myself to grieve before I “move on”.

For me, grief is multifaceted and multidimensional, and deeply personal. What is grief for you? What is grief for you?

Two open writers shares their perspective on Grief.

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The Tenth Emotion


Joy – I think this is a tricky one to define. It’s often describe as a bubbly, warm feeling that comes when our desires are met, but also as something greater than happiness that comes from deep within. Personally I feel joy when my soul is at ease and the beauty in everyday lives makes me smile.

Does your joy come from the inside or the outside? Where does joy live in your body? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with joy?

Four wonderful writers shares their guidance to joy.

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The Ninth Emotion


For years I lived in a minefield. I felt that every step I took needed to be carefully planned and well-thought-out. I didn’t notice that my life was controlled by fear and anxiety. For me – it was normal.

Fears can be hard to identify. They tend to shapeshift, hide behind habitual behaviors and thrive when unnamed. Exploring them, dissecting them and become friends with them is my method. I never face my fears – I kill them with curiosity.

What do you fear? How does it feel? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with fear?

Six open hearted writers share their relationship with fear.

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The Eighth Emotion


World peace, inner peace, peace of mind, being at peace – are we not all, in some way, striving for peace. The inner sense of deep tranquility, the moment when arguing stops and I just let go – that is peace for me. What is it for you?

How do you experience peace? Where do you feel it in your body?  What words, colors, sounds do you associate with peace?

Five writers guides you towards peace.

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The Seventh Emotion


Shame sits on my shoulder saying it’s no idea. I don’t matter. I can’t. Shame throws a dark blanket over me and says “stay there”. Shame blocks the light. Shame makes me wordless. Shame makes me hide. Shame makes my feet loose contact with the ground.

How do you experience shame? Where do you feel it in your body?  What words, colors, sounds do you associate with shame?

Three daring writers met with Shame

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The Sixth Emotion


“Hope” is the thing with feathers” is one of my favourite poems and most people know the first part, but the last verse resonates deeply with me.

“I’ve heard it in the chillest land. And on the strangest Sea.
Yet – never – in Extremity, It asked a crumb – of me.”

Hope is my engine, my trusted companion and never lets me down. Without hope my world would be a scary empty space and place. Hope brings me through the darkest times, hope whisper words of comfort in times of loneliness. Hope – “never stops – at all”.

Three amazing writers guides you towards Hope.

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The Fifth Emotion


If nothing else, trust is about consistency for me. No big dramatic heroic rescue mission, just the small everyday things. The brick by brick building of friendship, remembering something I said, affirming without words and knowing what I love. For me – boundaries, stability, integrity and truthfulness leads to trust.

What is trust for you? How does it feel? What makes you trust? Where do you feel it in your body? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with trust?

Four writers help you get answers om what Trust is.

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The Fourth Emotion


When I see vulnerability in others, I see authenticity, truth, openness and strength. I see it in everybody I truly respect and honor. Feeling it within myself – evokes fear. Duality in its clearest way.

How does being vulnerable feel for you? What makes you feel vulnerable? Where do you feel it in your body? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with vulnerability?

Seven amazing writers dares to dive deep into Vulnerability.

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The Third Emotion


Roots and wings – having a solid foundation and the ability to try my wings that’s feeling supported to me. The roots and wings can come from being part of a community, a family or from deep self trust. Support makes my heart grow, knowing that there is always a soft place to return to, that’s support to me.

How does being supported feel for you? What makes you feel supported? Where do you feel it in your body? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with support?

Get Support from the perspective of five inspiring writers.

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The Second emotion


To be limited by how others seems to know who I am, what I think and what they expect me to do – that use to be normal to me and is also my opposite to freedom. To breathe freely, to live without fear, to never ever feel the need to apologize for existing feels like freedom to me.

How does freedom feel for you? How do you express freedom? Where do you feel it in your body? How do you experience freedom? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with freedom?

Feel the Freedom from three writers.

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The First emotion


For me anger has been a forbidden emotion to express. Showing it has been a trigger, an excuse for people around me to do just about anything. So for the longest of time I shoveled all my anger down and never raised my voice.

How do you express anger? Where do you feel it in your body? How do you sense somebody else anger? How do you experience anger? What words, colors, sounds do you associate with anger?

Get the perspective on Anger from two honest writers.

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