The Book of Emotion | Chapter Eight


Peace as a gift, peace within you, peace in being you, a piece of peace, peace in movement and peace in a prayer. The eighth chapter of The Book of Emotions is about peace and how and where we find it. Five writers guides you towards peace and without revealing too much – I know you can find yours.

And as a perfect companion to peace – Skyler Mechelle Weinberg has written an exclusive piece for The Book of Emotions about homecoming and healing.

Take your time reading it all and feel free to share this chapter of the book and the story behind it. I also love if you spread the word about my project and the possibility to be part of it in your communities.

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The Authors

SKYLER MECHELLE WEINBERG After enduring over 17 years of incest, physical violence, and sex trafficking through and by her immediate family, Skyler escaped at the age of 18 and has and has since sought to redefine what it means to live life after abuse.  She has built a movement that not only seeks to educate and destigmatise a very prevalent issue in our society, but refine and modify the support that is already in place. Focusing heavily on the systemic oppression, racism, ableism, and segregation that further impacts the poor trauma after care and mental health fields globally, she has set out to break the silence and reform abuse care by believing all survivors. Photo: Laurence Hofman.


PATRICIA L. ATCHISON shares a love of writing, dancing Nia (Holistic Fitness), and making doll and teddy bear creations. Her children’s books, Little Blue Penguin and McKenzie’s Frosty Surprise have delighted many youngsters. She blogs and thinks of new books to write while living passionately. Website:

Aimee DufresneAIMEE DUFRESNE is a Joy Catalyst and soul-shifting creator, writer, and traveler. She is the proud author of Keep Going: From Grief to Growth, a memoir about love, loss, life’s journey and the power of perseverance. Aimee is currently writing her next book, 52 Lessons I Learned From My Father.

ABIGAIL TAMSI is a self-proclaimed courageous woman and soul-writer. She loves and lives courageously, always aiming to step through the barriers that stop her from living and loving fully. Her life adventures pour out in her writing, which have been featured in Rebelle Society and The Urban Howl.

Kristina Johnson KRISTINA JOHNSON is a lover of all things that inspire creativity and invite happiness. In addition to teaching Vinyasa Yoga and whirling her cares away on the dance floor, she makes time to travel the world, create art, do cartwheels in the grass and make play and laughter a priority.

Tracy Stamper

TRACY STAMPER is a dancer at heart, in mind, of body, and with words. Her writing has been featured in Rebelle Society and Elephant Journal. Her current favorite colors are purple, orange and glitter. She likes her chocolate dark, her inspiration flowing and her car dances to be uninhibited.